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Don't fight 'em - write 'em!

Why do we make it so hard for a customer to schedule service with forms to fill out, as well as have them select which services they need when they don't know what they need and if they need service in the first place? You don't sell a car this way; why do we treat a service sale any differently.

S.A.R.A the Service Assurance Response Avatar by AutoAdvizr alleviates that problem with recommended OEM service notifications based on actual mileage. As importantly, ease of use equals more participation. No service forms to fill out for your customers. Scheduling forms automatically populate with customer and vehicle information, increasing leads and participation. Just pick a date and schedule.

Look great in your customer's eyes. All Roadside Assistance numbers included.

Works for all makes and models. Just imagine the uplift in service sales from all of your used car customers and their friends and family members as well as the conquest sales from your competitors, when these same consumers are ready to purchase their next car - POWERFUL!

Automated customer downloading. No added steps or training for your staff for app downloading.

Incentivizes customer referrals and viral adoption of the application, and is a great follow-up tool for the sales department to reach out to previous customers. Also, email matching of referrers and new customers creates an automated Bird Dog program for you.

Next Steps - Meet S.A.R.A. - Service Assurance Response Avatar.

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