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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Is Your App Static or Interactive?

On average, 75% of people who purchased a car from a dealership don't come back for service. Those who do are 7X more likely to purchase their next vehicle from that dealership. NADA

How are you marketing to the new customers who are not coming back for service? How are you marketing service opportunities to your used vehicle purchasers?

S.A.R.A. powered by AutoAdvizR is unique in that it is the only application on the market that is interactive, increasing referral sales, CPRO's, service retention, and conquest vehicle and service sales from your competitors.

All of your new, used and service customers and their friends and family members are reminded about their next service based on their actual mileage, which include suggested service notifications needed from their manufacturer.

Also, Roadside assistance numbers are automatically included in the app, providing you with a great value to give to your customers, building loyalty for you.

The ease of use equals more participation and business for you. No service forms to fill out for your customers. Scheduling forms automatically populate with customer and vehicle information, increasing leads and participation. Just pick a date and time and schedule.

Our Facebook App allows you to interact with consumers when viewing your inventory on your Facebook page. Additionally, any promotional messages you create for your inventory pages from our Mobile Web Manager, automatically are displayed on your Facebook page.

Increase service bay turnover and CSI with our Text2Drive Service Automator. Connecting with any service customer is as easy as the click of a button. Customer's appointments are uploaded each day and are displayed in the Appointments Screen. Press a check box that corresponds to the customer that needs to be contacted, and then select the message that is needed to be sent via text or email. No need for phone tag anymore to get an approval for servicing a vehicle.

The best part is that our apps are all automated and once set-up, require no maintenance or additional personnel expense.

If you'd like to learn more about our mobile applications, click here to schedule a demo or contact us.


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