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Rewards Loyalty Manager | Marketing Partners Network
Rewards Loyalty Manager

Rewards Loyalty Manager

Setting the standard in managing rewards and loyalty programs

Marketing Partners Network's Rewards Loyalty Manager brings together distributed offers, automatic participation incentives, and survey feedback into a single, powerful, and automated system. Everyone wants a loyalty program that works for their business, communicating to customers on their channels, but until now this has required constant maintenance, expensive outsourcing, maintaining different programs for different media, or a combination of all of the above. Until now.

Automated Consumer Participation

Every time a consumer interacts with the Rewards Loyalty Manager, including signing up, automated rewards programs interact with them, offering incentives and participation at timed event points you specify. Want to follow up with a service visit with a survey and a reward for their next visit? Want to offer them a $5 off discount for referring your service to a friend? Or how about reward them for having given your business a review? What about reaching out to them automatically in 6 months for additional incentives? All of this is easily accomplished with our Rewards Loyalty Manager. Some of the key features of the automated center:
  • Set times and events when the consumer is automatically reminded and prompted to engage in reward offers
  • 'Chain' events so that when a consumer finished one activity, they can proceed to another one
  • Consumers are reminded on their Rewards Interface of any reward activity they are eligible to participate in on their own time
  • Reward consumers with coupons, offers, discounts, or Loyalty Points
  • and more!

Loyalty Points

Offering consumers coupon rewards or discounts is a strong incentive, but an even more powerful offer is Loyalty Points. The Rewards Loyalty Manager also allows you to build Loyalty Programs, where continual interactions from your customers lets them earn Loyalty Points, which can be redeemed towards larger offers you control.

Across all Devices and all Channels

Whether a customer is viewing your brand on a PC, tablet, mobile phone, or as part of another program, the Rewards Loyalty Manager can interact with them on any channel, even SMS/Text and QR codes. Why make your customer hunt down your Rewards Programs? With the Rewards Loyalty Manager your offers are on-demand 24/7, where your customers are at any time.

Program Builders

Having seen numerous rewards programs built for our client over the years, we've built a simplified, powerful Program Builder admin that allows a client, with just a few clicks, to build a multi-format Rewards Program. You can choose specific features such as:
  • Activity Events - What actions from the customer do you want to reward?
  • Coupons - Easily build new coupons with a few clicks, with dynamic coupon expiration, redemption method, and more.
  • Loyalty Point Rewards - How many points are needed to redeem an offer?
  • Milestones - Do you want to reward a customer with a different coupon on their 4th service visit?
  • Chain Events - Would you like to ask the customer if they would leave a review of your store after completing an offer survey?
  • and many more!

Broadcasting Offers

Besides automatically reaching out to consumers based on their actions and offering our rewards on-demand, you also have the ability to broadcast and distribute rewards. You can choose to send to every user who has interacted with your program, or specifically customers who have participated in individual activities. The customer is in control over how they want to receive notifications, so you can send off rewards offers to a customer database that not only wants your offers, but is getting them how they want to receive them.

If you'd like to learn more about the Rewards Loyalty Manager, schedule a demo or contact us.



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